We Need To Talk

is a new podcast offering "23 Steps for Unraveling the Muse, Escaping Death, and Getting Back Rubs From Aunt Linda."  Levi Landis and Zach Stock mine their own storied past and scout out conversations with creative renegades in Philadelphia and beyond.  Marshmallow artists, homeless bagpipers, fist-pumping politicos! A tumble jumble of humor and sentiment for the relentlessly curious.

Episodes revolve loosely around a theme, and alternate between full length episodes featuring interviews and mini episodes called "Small Talk."

We Need To Talk has been recently named "Best Podcast of the Year" for 2014 by a guy who also just ate the best pie he's ever tasted in his entire life.  Praised as being at the "vangaurd of a journalistic revolution" by The American Journal Review, This American Life has not done too bad for itself either.